How to reduce indoor Static Electricity?

Static Electricity - What is that?

Ever heard of static electricity? Even if you haven't heard of it, you must have experienced it without knowing what it the phenomenon called. Static electricity is basically a phenomenon that occurs due to the imbalance of positively and negatively charged particles in a material. To understand the whole phenomenon, take into view this description:

All matter is made up of atoms, remember that school lesson? And the atoms are made up of three types of particles called the protons, neutrons and electrons. The protons are positively charged while the electrons carry a negative charge. As far as the number of both these particles remain the same and atom remains neutral, however, when due to friction, rubbing or close contact, the loosely bonded electrons of an atom leave it to join some other atom, the process makes the atom an ion with a positive charge when it loses electrons and negatively charged when it accepts electrons. There create positive and negative ions and a charge is created. And that’s what is called Static Electricity. These charged surfaces then wish to make themselves neutral and look for some other material to share their charges with. When such a material comes in contact with these charged materials, a sudden transfer of electrons takes places which create a shock.

Static Electricity in Winters:

Static Electricity occurs more in Winters than in Summers and there's a reason of that. In Winters, the air is dry and dry air is not a good conductor of electricity thus fails to transfer charges that build up. These charges suddenly transfer when they come in close contact with a suitable material. An electric shock takes place. Although these shocks aren't harmful, they can be very irritating and sometimes painful too. So, here are some ways to tackle the static electricity in Winters.

How to reduce Static Electricity?

Open Windows
Ways to reduce static electricity

Simple is beautiful they say, but simple is economical too. So, instead of using other ways that would cost you some dollars, you can choose to simply open up your windows sometime in the day to let the charges disperse in the air. Well, please be careful to not open the doors because by doing so, you may disperse the charges successfully, the robbers may find an opportunity to enjoy some warmth and wealth at your home. Just saying!

Use carpet sprays and fabric softeners:

Many companies have developed chemicals that are good to reduce static electricity. Use the carpet sprays in particular since most of the static charge is created due to dragging feet on carpets. Moreover, fabric softeners that you use while washing the clothes also reduces the possibilities of Static Electricity.

Use Humidifiers

healthy climate steam humidifier

Here come Humidifiers. Humidifiers are good both in Summers and in Winters but are particularly good to combat the dry and rude air of Winter. Just turn your Humidifiers on and see the moisture tackling with these static shocks. When there's an increased humidity, the moisture allows the charges to disperse easily without creating static electricity.

In addition to the above-mentioned ways, try the following as well;
1. Keeping plants inside the home is a wonderful natural way not just to improve indoor air quality but also for combating static electricity.
2. Wearing cotton clothes instead of wool help reduce static electricity
3. Using leather footwears helps as well

Incorporating the described ways can help avoid static electricity, itchiness and dryness and consequently can help you enjoy wonderful Winters. Though we can't help you in following all these techniques, there's one thing we can surely help you in; Humidifiers. We sell, install, service, repair and replace Humidifiers of renowned brands. In order to have our Humidifier service, call us at 905-822-9375


Ways to improve the indoor Air Quality

Dust, haze, smoke, fog, ground level ozone, and other pollutants are there in the outdoor atmosphere. Many people when they compare the outdoor air quality with the indoor air quality conclude that the indoor air is safer and healthier. This is not always true. Air inside your secured home can be more malignant and queasy than the air outside.That's what the dilemma is. Man is propelled away from nature considering it malefic for health and presuming that his congested home will liberate him from atmospheric pollution.The Environmental protection Agency states that the indoor air can be two to three times more polluted than the outside air.

Sources of Indoor air pollution:

Wonder why and how do the indoor air get polluted?  The indoor air gets polluted by second-hand smoke, radon, formaldehyde, fire retardants, lead in-house and dust etc.
These pollutants may and may not escape the indoor air thus making it unhealthy, filthy and hard to breathe. It is, therefore, important to seek ways to combat these pollutants to improve the indoor air quality.  

Ways to improve indoor air quality:
Use Air Purifiers:
Air filtration units have now become easily available and are certainly a wonderful way to improve the quality of indoor Air. These units trap dust, pollens and other air pollutants and filter the air making it fresher and healthier. Cosmopolitan Mechanical provides air filtration units at affordable prices while also serve throughout GTA for the installation and repair of Air Filtration units.

Natural Ventilation:
There’s certainly no alternative of natural ventilation. It is important to let the fresh air roam in the home with the very natural way. To make it possible, open windows and doors to let the fresh air flow through the home.

Go Green:

Go green! The easiest and another natural way to breathe fresh and healthy. Keep some green plants inside the home. They will not only be a source of providing oxygen but will also help combat air pollutants naturally.  

Do the Dusting:
Considered trivial but is important. Cleaning and dusting is essential to ward off the dust and debris that otherwise stays around and is inhaled with every breath. In order to improve the indoor air quality, regular cleaning and dusting is a must.

Keeping a moderate humidity level is important or otherwise, the dry air would cause respiratory problems and other breathing issues. Humidifiers are a wonderful way to create the desired level of Humidity. Purchasing a quality Humidifier can do a lot to improve the indoor air quality.
No Smoking!

While you’re intentionally playing with your life by inhaling and exhaling clouds of smoke, it is better not to play with lives of others. Smoking inside adds to reducing the indoor air quality. Therefore, every time you feel like smoking, better find a peaceful place outside for making the grey clouds of smoke.  

Maintenance is important:

How many heating and cooling appliances at your home use gas? One or two essentially, like the Furnace and Water Heater. While there’s a presence of appliances inside home that use harmful gases, it is important to have their maintenance done on a regular basis to make sure the appliance running gases are not running your lungs too.  

Roughly, an individual spends 80% of his life indoors. It is therefore, important to seriously work on improving the indoor air quality so that the availability of fresh and healthy air could be made possible.