Avoid these Air Conditioner repairs this Spring | Go for a tune-up!

One reason why HVAC professionals emphasize on tune-up is that this reduces the possibilities of repairs. Unmaintained appliances have to go for frequent repairs. In addition to increasing repairing frequency, the efficiency level drops significantly and the energy bills rise as well. So as a result, you have to pay more for insignificant comfort. When it comes to Air Conditioner, a spring tune-up can actually save you from 3 most common AC repairs that homeowners have to go through frequently in Summer.

- Damaged evaporator coil

The evaporator coil damage can result in preventing the refrigerant from cooling the air or can result in freezing the coil. This one damage becomes the core reason for damaging other components as well. With a spring Air Conditioner tune-up, a professional technician can inspect such damages in the evaporator coil saving you from hefty repairs later in the middle of the summer.

- Leaking condensate line

During a tune-up, a technician also inspects the condensate line to make sure there's no blockage or leakage in the line. While this might seem an unimportant inspection, this saves from very hefty repairs that result as the leakage from condensate line damages the attic, cabinets, kitchen and other parts. Once a tune-up takes place in Spring, such damage is fixed in time.

- Electrical Components 

As the unit remains unused for long, the electrical components are often damaged by insects or animals. If the damage is not massive, the unit may work as it is turned on but will soon become problematic. Getting a spring tune-up ensures safety for the unit and your family as well. The most common types of HVAC accidents include fire because of damaged electrical components. 

- Emergency Breakdowns 

Above all other benefits is the benefit of protection from a sudden breakdown. In the middle of summer, as the unit fails, it becomes difficult to deal with the failure provided that the technicians are not available and the services become expensive. A Spring tune-up let's a professional see the possibilities of breakdown and he can identify them well in time.

Why should you avoid unprofessional tune-up if you have a new unit

If you have a new unit and it is still on warranty, abstain from performing DIY tune-up or taking service from an unprofessional technician. Doing so will keep the appliance at risk while will also cancel the warranty.
And if your unit is old, it is even more important to avoid DIY or unprofessional tune-up as it will deteriorate the efficiency even more. Also, since you shall not be able to inspect possible threats, the possibilities of breakdown and repairs will still remain there.

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