5 horrendous mistakes that HVAC contractors make

We say time and again that HVAC is not to be taken non seriously and that HVAC is a professional's to do. While there are many services that offer certified and experienced technicians, there are many that hire technicians on the basis of their interest and not on the basis of their HVAC knowledge. This puts homeowners at risk and they remain under risk even after taking regular maintenance or in time repairs. Below are some situations in which a contractor's incompetency puts home and the homeowners at risk. 

- Mistake#1 Combustion safety

A CO leak is not something that can be detected only near a Furnace or a Fireplace. Carbon Monoxide could poison the indoor when there are technical issues with the combustion vents. Unfortunately, one of the most horrendous mistakes contractors make is that in order to test a CO leak, the gas supply lines and the Furnace components are inspected. What is not inspected and should be inspected is the vents. Blockage in the vents can return all the combustion gases resulting in CO poisoning.

- Mistkae#2 Underestimating the "V" of HVAC

Ventilation is important no matter what kind of heating and cooling appliances you are using. In order for the latest heating and cooling appliances to function with optimal efficiency, the homes are tightly sealed. The doors and windows are sealed, the option of home insulation is often taken and the home at the end turns into a tightly closed cabin where natural ventilation becomes only possible through mechanical ways; HRV systems. Contractors do seal the homes with the best of their skills but forget to install a good ventilation system or to suggest homeowners to install one. This results in bad indoor air quality.

- Mistake#3 Applying one technique everywhere

We are probably here today to screw HVAC contractors. Seems so. So let's move on and screw them more.

Another commonly made mistake by HVAC contractors is applying the same technique to every home, not realizing the fact that every home is different and so is every home's HVAC needs. The insulation that was dire need of one home may not be necessary for other. The Air Conditioner size that was perfect for the last home may be the worst size for another. So using the same strategies for every home does not work and an entire equation needs to be set for every single home in order to get the most satisfactory results.

- Mistake# 4 Low prices - low quality

In order to attract homeowners, there are many contractors that tend to be low bidders and in doing so not only their service charges lower but also their service quality drops. For providing services at cheap rates, hirings also have to be made at cheap rates and when that happens, of course, they are not the right professionals that get hired. Keeping rates low and then providing low-quality services is no way to take place in the town of high competition.

- Mistake#5 Non-cooperative attitude

So this is what so many contractors do; a noncooperative attitude with homeowners. What they think is that they are there to perform a particular job and have to run away as early as they are done with it. No questions from homeowners are responded and no helpful guidelines are given to them. This, in general, lowers the graph the potential customership. A homeowner would prefer to hire the next time, a contractor who will listen to him in detail and respond to him instead of hiring someone who is very professional but prefer to remain dumb as he comes for a visit.

This usually happens when services don't teach their technicians the ethics to deal with the homeowners and the favours, doing which, they can actually raise their number of customers. For example; if a technician tells homeowner in detail why his appliance failed and how he can avoid the situation next time while also tells him the technical details for free, it will certainly leave a lasting effect and the customer will surely contact the same service again.

So, how many of these HVAC contractor mistakes have you caught? And what was your best and the worst experience with an HVAC technician?