Getting to know about Mitsubishi Mini Split

Mitsubishi calls itself ''the leader in intelligent comfort'' and there is probably no exaggeration in that. The company does make efforts to introduce intelligent technology and launch for homeowners such home comfort heating and cooling appliances that are innovative plus time and energy saving. Mitsubishi Mini Split is one such smart appliance of Mitsubishi. Let us explore what's so special with Mitsubishi Mini Split Air Conditioner.

Central Air Conditioning - Does that suit all?
Of course not! The biggest drawback of central heating and cooling system is that it treats the air of the entire home. There may be the times when conditioned air is not required in all rooms or a different temperature is required for different members of the family. The central home cooling system fails to deliver the solution to that. Although, closing the ducts of unused rooms is one option but that has its drawbacks too. Similarly, zoning system lately introduced can be employed in order to provide different temperatures for different rooms but that is too expensive to afford. A better option that the Mitsubishi has come up with is its Mini Split Air Conditioner to heat or cool individual rooms. The revolutionary heating and cooling system of Mitsubishi Electric is ideal to keep homes warm in Winters and Cold in the Summers since the ductless AC is attached to a heat pump which is a proven technology for heating and cooling.


What makes Mitsubishi Mini Split special?
Powerful Compressor
There are two main idiocentric aspects that this Mini Split holds. Usually, in the conventional heat pumps, the compressor fails to provide warmth when the temperature gets intensely cold outside. However, the compressor of Mini Split Heat Pump is designed particularly to keep colder climate areas in mind. The mechanism of the compressor and its operation is more powerful than the normal compressors and, therefore, even in temperature below -25 degrees, the compressor continues to generate ultimate warmth. This makes Mitsubishi Mini Split an ideal appliance to be used for both heating and cooling in colder and hotter areas alike.

Multiple Indoor Unit
So as we just said, the body temperature of individuals can be different and so would the outside temperature requirement. In a central cooling system, not all members are happy with the indoor temperature and as said zoning system for heating and cooling is an expensive installation. The mini split of Mitsubishi allows up to 4 indoor units. All the four indoor units are powered by one compressor. Any room can be heated or cooled to a different temperature and yes, everyone's happy when at home.

Amazing features of Mitsubishi Mini Split
I See Sensor
I See Sensor technology has been used for the very first time in the home comfort heating and cooling industry. This sensor detects the hot and cold spots in a room and focuses the airflow towards those specific areas in order to maintain a levelled temperature throughout the room. This provides an ultimate comfort and least energy waste.    

Catechin Air Purifier system
You heard it right. Your air is not just treated with Mitsubishi Mini Split, it also gets cleaned. There's an Air Purifying system installed within the unit that uses natural antibacterial agents to produce fresh and healthy air.

Powerful Mode
The powerful mode technology of the Mini Split makes it capable to heat or cool the room in not time. This is particularly helpful when you're back from tireless work routine and would want to have your home temperature perfectly what you want. A quick cooling and quick heating is possible with Mitsubishi Mini Split.

And that’s all with Mitsubishi Mini Split Air Conditioner. Feel like installing one? Or have any questions about Air Conditioners? Feel free to connect with us.