Explore reasons behind your always dusty home

So there are people whose biggest worry is a home full of dust. And it is not so because they don't do enough cleaning. In fact, they're the people using the most of Canada's electricity on Vacuum cleaners. But the dust, ah man! It never goes away. Here they clean and there it comes back again. This post is dedicated to all such homeowners who have a hard time kicking the dust off of their homes. Let's begin:

Dust in home

Reasons why your home is dusty

#1 You're using the wrong Filters

If no one had informed you before, let us;
‘’All Filters are not suitable for all HVAC systems’’
Just like every home is different, the requirements of the HVAC system of every home are different too. So never purchase Filters following random advice. What is suitable for your friend/neighbour/colleague HVAC system must not be for yours. And here's what happens when you use improper Filter. It fails to trap the air contaminants, consequently spreading the dust and debris through your home.
Hold on, there's more. It is not just about the right Filters. Even if you've a high MERV filter, it would still keep home dusty if not cleaned/replaced regularly. So if a dusty home is your problem, make sure you're using the right Filter (at least with 8 MERV). And in addition to that, clean/replace it at least once every six months.

#2 You're unaware of this Thermostat trick while dusting

Here's something that many homeowners are unaware of. A simple trick that helps trap the dust easily. When you're dusting, turn the Air Conditioner from ''Auto'' to ''ON''. When the AC is set at ''ON'', the AC blower continuously circulates air through the home. And when this happens, the air pollutants get sucked by the return vents and trapped by the filters there. But hey there! You need to regularly clean the Filters to allow this trick to work.

#3 You're having a leaking Duct

Here's where the importance of professional services is felt. While many homeowners prefer to choose random services for ductwork installation, spending thousands of dollars and realising not how it will affect the whole HVAC system later, we endorse and always endorse to seek professional services for things like Ductwork Installation. A leaking duct can cost you drastically on your energy bills because a whole lot of cooling would be leaking but it will do something more and that is; it will keep your home always dusty. We know that ductworks have lots of dust and debris in them that get stuck to the walls of the duct as the air passes through them. Any leaks in the ducts allow the air to come out of the leaks and this air isn't clean air you know. So here you'll vacuum and there you'll see things developing layers of dust. Fix the leaks as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

Who wants a dusty home? Certainly no one! A home having a lot of dust does not only create cleaning issues, it also creates breathing discomfort and leads to health problems like itchiness, sinus and throat problems, irritation in eyes and others. It is, therefore, important to maintain a healthy level of indoor air by eliminating the dust and the sources of dust. If you're living in an exceptionally polluted area, for instance, an industrial area and have a hard time keeping your home dust free despite using all the possible ways, it is suggested to install an Air Filtration system. Air Cleaners help clean the air and provide up to 98.8 percent cleaner air.