Tripping of Air Conditioner circuit breaker - Hows and Whys

While many people out there would try to convince you to call a professional for every single HVAC repair and maintenance need, we won't. Because, the truth is, there are several issues that you can fix on your own and that too very easily. All that is needed is proper knowledge and proper precautions and there you go! \

The problem of air conditioner circuit breaking is one such problem that is commonly considered as a problem for which you need to dial a number and call a pro. Today, we'll help you figure out the how's and why's of the AC circuit breaker and also the quick fixes that you can perform on your own. So don't leave until you take with you a real piece of information from here.

What does circuit breaker do?

The purpose of a circuit breaker is to discontinue the supply of electricity to a particular unit if the supply is more than what the unit can handle. So in the case of your AC, anytime a large ampere of electricity tries to reach your AC's power station, the circuit breaker trips and saves your system from burning. You can consider the circuit breaker a lifesaver or at least a repair saver. It is!

If it is, why is tripping a problem? Well, tripping becomes a problem when it happens frequently. Since tripping turns the AC off, you'll have to face discomfort if your AC circuit breaker trips frequently. So tripping requires fixing. Here are some DIY fixes.

Resetting the circuit breaker!

Before you do this, tell yourself 10 times that you have to do it only once. And before you do this, ensure that the circuit breaker is fully at the off position. If not, make it so. Then turn it ON. The system should turn on after this. But if it doesn't or trips a second time, then you have to do what all of them always say; ''Call a pro''.
There's a third case and that is; if the circuit breaker trips again after some time then you have to follow the following steps.

Did you change Filters?

As the filters get clogged, it becomes hard for the Air Conditioner to circulate the air and cool it off rightly. The system has to push harder and this pushing harder overburdens it, causing it to heat up which as a result, trips the circuit breaker. So if your circuit breaker trips again after resetting, rush and check the filters. Dirty? Change them!

Dirty condenser coil

You had to change the filters because they were dirty and couldn't let a smooth flow of air through them. Clean the condenser coil for the same reason. The heat can't escape easily with the coils that are dirty and clogged, burdening the system and tripping the circuit breaker as a result. Take a garden hose and clean the condenser.

More reasons for AC circuit breaker tripping

There are two more causes that can result in tripping of the circuit breaker.
- One is, ageing components, loose wiring and short-circuiting
- While the other is the low refrigerant
Unfortunately, in these two cases, you can't do a DIY stuff and in these cases, we won't suggest any DIY either. Call a professional to help you out.
The next time your circuit breaker trips and the AC shuts off, you know what to do. Yeah! You learned something great.