BIG-5 That Bring Big Cooling Bills

One of the major summer problems that homeowners face regarding home cooling is the affecting efficiency of the cooling appliances and the sudden rise in energy bills. As the temperature becomes a little hotter than usual, the Air Conditioners often begin to provide with compromised efficiency. And this inefficiency results in over usage of the appliances that further results in high energy bills. But did you know that these consequences are not the result of hot temperature alone, they are mostly the result of unmaintained appliances and wrong HVAC practices. We are highlighting some mistakes that you could be making with your Air Conditioner so that you could enjoy optimal cooling efficiency this summer.

1. Not cleaning/replacing filters

Dirty filters do more harm than you could imagine. Replacing of the filters once every three months is a must. And in the peak season, when the Air Conditioner runs constantly, it is necessary to replace filters monthly. Dirty filters get clogged. This clogging affects the airflow, freezes the evaporator coils, raise energy bills up to 5% and shortens the appliance's lifetime.
This summer, change/replace your filters before the Air Conditioner begins to give compromised cooling.

2. Programmable Thermostat matters!

The latest technology Thermostats helps save massively on energy bills. Did you know that Smart Thermostats if properly used can help lower cooling bills up to 15%? The reason of discomfort in summers could be an absence of a programmable thermostat. If you are still using a conventional knob or mercury Thermostat, you much be forgetting changing temperature in time regularly resulting in more energy usage and improper indoor temperature. Consider shifting to a Programmable Thermostat! 

3. Poorly positioned Thermostat and Vents 

Your Air Conditioner could be absolutely alright but the wrong you could be doing with it is through Thermostat. Since it is the Thermostat that controls your indoor temperature, any issues with it will automatically affect the entire HVAC system. A Thermostat wrongly positioned; in direct sunlight or close to a heat source etc would sense the wrong indoor temperature forcing the cooling system to run more vigorously and constantly.
Similarly, blocked vents and closed vents block the air flow resulting in a burdened motor and uneven temperature.

4. Annual service adds life

Agree with it or not but servicing the HVAC appliances from reliable and licenced professionals annually literally add to their life and of course efficiency. While there are many things that homeowners can do on their own in terms of Air Conditioner maintenance, there are certain things that only a professional can do with perfection. Once the Air Conditioner is serviced, cleaned and tuned-up annually, it gets a fresh start with better performance. So if you are skipping annual maintenance, you are making a grave mistake with your AC.   

5. Delaying repairs 

Postponing repairs don't save dollars. Doing so only add up to the cost that you will have to pay when the system will finally shut off and the problem would aggravate enough to need urgent repair. Delaying repairs affect the efficiency, obviously but it also cost you more, shorten the appliance lifetime and voids the warranty if any DIY repairs are performed. 
Doing DIY repairs or delaying the repairs? You are up to another mistake dude!

Maintenance matters and so do repairs and the right HVAC practices. The right practices can help save on energy bills, increase appliance lifetime and efficiency and moreover offer optimal comfort regardless of the seasons. 
Make this summer wonderful by following the right HVAC practices.