Spring Cleaning - Check your checklist

Ready for the joys of Spring? It is around the corner, just reaching us. Thinking of Spring, you could think of all the pleasant things starting from the beautiful blooming of spring florals to the soulful sunlight, the happy chirping of birds and the freshness of the air. And hey! The Spring sales and rebates too. Among all these pleasant things come some unpleasant ones that sometimes, make spring a hard to bear season. Spring is also the season of pests, pollens and allergens. And if no prerequisite is taken regarding these tiny but very irritating little ghosts of spring, you could end up sneezing and taking anti-allergy meds the entire season. Most people who turn up saying they don't like spring are the people who fall sick in spring to any of the above-mentioned spring irritants. This spring, let the things go differently. We are helping you to create a checklist that will keep your indoors a safe and joyful place the entire spring. Before that, understand that the allergies and issues that pop up in spring are primarily a result of lack of proper cleaning and following improper practices for example; keeping doors and windows open at the wrong timings let the pollens into the home, using pest killers the wrong way make pests hide in the corner instead of dying or going out etc. So make sure you know what are the right to do's and not to do's.

Check#1: Duct duct duct! 

Ductwork remains in use throughout the winter and the Furnace runs almost constantly. The air that keeps circulating through the ductwork takes in dust and debris that sticks there with the inner walls of the duct. Over time, the dust piles make up creating a haven for pests. Dirty ducts also compromise indoor air quality. So as the winter ends and spring begins, it is the best time to go for Duct Cleaning since the ductwork would be doing a constant job in the Summer as well. So yes, perform Duct Cleaning!

Check#2: Carpet and curtain cleaning 

We don't do much washing in the winter, do we? But that long pending washing needs to be performed in spring. Carpets and curtains absorb dust and debris which may not always be observable but exit. To avoid allergies and bad indoor air quality, clean the carpet, curtains, cushions, rugs and other such items.

Check#3 Look for mould 

As the weather changes, the moisture in the air increases which sometimes causes mould growth in the cupboards, basement or ductwork. Don't let it go unnoticed and combat it as soon as it is seen. The mould growth in any part of the home will find its way to other parts of the home causing ugliness in the interior, odour and damage.

Check#4 Befriend houseplants

In order to maintain a healthy indoor air in spring and combat allergens, houseplants do a great job. If you're sensitive to allergies, put a houseplant at every 10 feet distance and this will make your indoor a safer like never before place in spring.

Check#5 HVAC Cleaning 

Spring gives you the time to let your cold feels go away and be ready for the blazing sun of the summer. It also gives you the time to pack your heating systems and prepare your cooling systems. So make sure you perform maintenance and cleaning of HVAC appliances and get your systems ready for Summer.

More Tips: 

* Be very regular in cleaning
* Installing an efficient Air Cleaner will ensure a 98.99% cleaner air
* Do not pack your home like an eggshell and neither keep the doors and windows open all the time Maintain a healthy ventilation by opening doors and windows in the early morning and late evening hours
* Spring increases the level of humidity. Unlevelled humidity can accelerate any chances of mould production. Keep the humidity maintained
* Call an HVAC professional to inspect the system and perform any necessary maintenance

Remember that it is important to keep a healthy indoor environment no matter what the season is. We spend so much time in the indoors. On estimate, more than 70% of a common man's lifetime is spent in the indoors. So, ladies and gentlemen! Brace yourself for Spring.
Happy blooming of flowers!