5 Blunders every homeowner make with their HVAC system sometime in their Life

Don’t you love your HVAC system? You do indeed since it is this system that helps you keep yourself warm in Winters and cool in Summers. Nobody wants to mess with their HVAC system and surely you also don’t. To enjoy a supreme performance of your HVAC system, it is crucial to take utmost care of it and avoid making stupid mistakes with the system.
Why not tell you about the common blunders that people make with their HVAC system? Hey! Don’t grin, you make them too.


Common not to do’s
Blocking the air vents
Airflow is the basic thing HVAC system runs on to work properly and perfectly. If there’s some sort of hindrance such as furniture, dust particles, blockage etc in front of vents particularly return vents, the system will not be able to function well. Hence, the result will be reduced efficiency and higher energy bills which you obviously do not want.

Allowing Thermostat to Overheat
A Thermostat is like the brain of your HVAC system. Like they say, “A worm in mind doesn’t let you think and move forward.” Similarly, a worm (overly heated) in thermostat will not let your HVAC system to work properly.
Thermostat either gets too hot when it’s placed in places like near the kitchen or where direct sunlight affects it, or it gets hot when various items such as laptops/computers, televisions, decorative lights are placed near it. This way, it can throw off temperature of its own and overload your HVAC system. Be very cautious about placement!

Underestimating Filter Cleaning/Replacement
Old or clogged air filters can reduce the amount of airflow through your system. As these filters help in catching debris, dust, pollens, hair and other particles that could prove harmful to your HVAC system including the appliances, these filters need changing every 30 to 60 days. Sounds too hectic? Okay, then an alternative exists too. Purchasing a High MERV filter can give you peace for almost one year. (Make sure the High MERV is suitable for your system)

Not installing a CO detector
Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas also called, ‘’Silent Killer’’ and yes, extremely harmful. CO is often leaked through the damaged vents or pipes of HVAC system and can also result in death if a high leakage takes place. Installing a carbon dioxide detector in your home can not only save your life but can also prove helpful for your system. It can alarm you if a CO presence is sensed inside of the home.
Although it is an important device, most homeowners don’t bother to install it. The truth is, this investment can return in terms of safe and secure indoor heating and cooling experience.  
Ignoring duct repairs and tune-ups
Skipping maintenance check-ups can allow problems to go undetected and get worse, consequently causing serious damages to your HVAC system. As they say “It is better to do now than to regret later.” So it is better for you to keep up with the maintenance of your system’s tuning and repairing than to spend a whole lot of money later on changing the system altogether. Don’t forget, Maintenance is always cheaper than Repair.

So, how many of these blunders do you make or have been making with your system? Hmmm?