Tips to avoid fraudster HVAC contractors

Home comfort Heating and Cooling appliances aren't a candy of few cents that you can buy and it’s okay if it didn't taste good, you can buy some other. They are in fact heavy investments that you do to raise the level of indoor comfort for yourself and your family. Appliances that are heavily spent on, need to be installed, maintained and repaired by professionals in order assure their highest efficiency and longer lifetime. Unfortunately, many GTA homeowners often fall into the trap of spam and fraudster HVAC contractors. The sad thing is; this way not only a significant amount is wasted on paying to the unprofessionals but also, irrevocable damages are often caused to the very costly appliances. A heavy loss indeed! So, how to avoid such fraud services?

We're pointing out some ways that will help you figure out whether or not a service is valid and reliable enough to choose.

Red Flag 1
Professionals don't quote on call
Here's your first clue. Professional HVAC contractors won't quote on call without first analysing the condition of your system. Particularly, when it is about repairing unless a technician sees what's wrong with your appliance, nothing can be said about how much the repairing will cost. So if the contractor you get in contact with is giving you quotes on call even on repairing, without first analysing your system, there are possibilities that he's the other guy speaking from some random apartment, running something fishy-fishy.

Red Flag 2
Professionals don't ask for huge advance payments
Well, yes! Professionals know that they have to deliver and then ask for payments. If it is about sales, a product is first delivered to you and only then the payments are asked. In the case of services, payments without any services performed in never something the professionals do. Once again, if your contractor is asking for heavy payments, he's probably not a professional and will most probably mess up with your appliance too.

Red Flag 3
Professionals don't speak from ''unknown'' places
If you ask a so called HVAC contractor of his office/business address and he tells you the place is under construction, we haven't yet made one, our services are door to door or any such excuse, beware! Professional service providers have proper business addresses that they never mind telling their potential customers.

Red Flag 4
Professionals have proper introduction and a legacy
This is important! When professionals contact you or you contact them, they happily tell you about the people they've served near you so that you may confirm the quality of their services from them. Contrary to that, non-professionals and fraudsters never do that. On one hand, they have no customers. Even if they do, they sure aren't happy customers to introduce you to.   

Red Flag 5
Professionals have License
This one is the easiest way to make sure you're dealing with a contractor who can be trusted upon. Usually, professionals show their certification without asking. If yours doesn't, ask him to show you the HVAC certification he owns. A real contractor will have it with him always while a fraudster will tell you the certificate is lost, is in the process of making, is at office and etc etc.

All these prerequisites aside, your personal diligence is required in order for you to be saved from unprofessional and fraudster services. If you're living in the GTA and are looking for service you can rely upon without having to be cautious whether or not it is a reliable service, visit HRAI Contractor Locator Page and search for authentic HVAC service providers in your areas just with a few clicks.
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