Did you ever notice that despite being in one room you keep the whole home conditioned? This consumes a lot of electricity and unknowingly you pay more than what you actually need to pay as utility bills. By restricting the conditioning system to only the in use parts of the house, you can save up to 25% on energy bills. But how to do that? Well, thanks to the HVAC zoning system. With zoning, you can now restrict the use of heating and conditioning to the areas where you prefer to stay. For example, if you are not in the bedroom, you do not need to keep it conditioned, why then should you allow the duct to blow cool air into that area?


What exactly is HVAC zoning system?

Zoning System is a new technology which proves helpful in restricting the heating/cooling to the desired parts of the house. If you are using a Central Air Conditioner to cool your hotel/house/office through a duct system, what happens usually is that the ductwork that goes to almost every room conditions all rooms equally. Some people prefer closing the vents but HVAC professionals say it is not the right way since it overloads the system. A better option is available and this is through HVAC zoning. In HVAC zoning, dampers are installed in the ductwork. With the help of a control panel and a Thermostat, the rooms/areas of a house can be made into different zones and can then be operated separately assigning different temperatures. That's synonymous to operating several different Air Conditioning units while in actual you're operating only one. The process goes like this:

As the conditioned air comes from the Central Air Conditioning Unit and passes through the duct, the dampers move according to the settings made and allow a different flow of air to reach different rooms. Rooms whose dampers are fully open are fully conditioned while those with partially opened or totally closed dampers receive less or no cooling respectively. So? Zoning helped to create a temperature of your own choice in different zones of your home wasting no cooling while also allowing savings on utility bills.    

Why Zoning?

Zoning system provides a balance in making your home comfortable. This improves not only the environment by making less use of the heating/cooling appliances but also help save hundreds of dollars on energy bills. Zoning is ideal for homes that have a temperature difference or that have members with different temperature needs.
Do you have a ductwork installed at home? Are you using Central Air Conditioner? Do you wish to turn to zoning? If yes, yes, yes then YESSS! We're here to help.

At Cosmopolitan Mechanical, we not only offer duct installation and Air Conditioner Installation services, we also offer HVAC zoning services to convert your conventional ductwork into an HVAC zoning supportive ductwork.
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