Ever wondered how much of your energy bills constitute the heating and cooling bills? Almost 50%. Since a huge amount of energy is sucked by heavy appliances like the Air Conditioner, Furnace and other such home comfort heating and cooling appliances, it is essential to adopt the right HVAC practices so that the appliances consume only the desired energy and not more than that. We're going to talk about 3 major Thermostat mistakes that homeowners make and consequently have to pay more energy bills.


- Impatience kills
Indeed it does. But unfortunately, people are too hasty to remain patient and wait for the Air Conditioner to cool down the indoor at a high temperature. Entered the home and felt hot? While you only wanted to have 75 degrees to feel comfortable you set the Thermostat to 72 so that the ''quick cool'' magic takes place. The truth is, with a non-inverter Air Conditioner, an AC cannot be made to run at more than one single speed. Setting the temperature lower only makes the system to work harder and longer, taking more energy units. Stay patient and set the temperature at 75.

- Change is good!
Shocking but true; a vast majority of homeowners never make use of all the settings provided by their HVAC Thermostat. All they know is an ON-OFF and switching between the standard indoor temperatures for Winter and Summers. That's not good enough. Energy Star says that homeowners waste up to $180 annually by not changing Thermostat settings when they need to. In order to save energy and keep the home comfortably cool/hot, some necessary changes need to be made. Here are some;

- Who are you cooling/heating when you're not home? Remember to change the setting every time you leave the home for eight hours or longer. Setting the Thermostat 5-8 degrees up in Summers and lowering it 10-15 degrees in Winters in recommended by HVAC professionals for the time you're not home.
- When you return, set the temperature back to normal. If there's a problem remembering to make the settings every now and then, consider installing a Smart Thermostat.   
Making the desired Thermostat changes whenever they're needed can help save up to 15% on energy bills annually as claimed by the US Department of Energy.

Too much messing? Bad idea!  
While making the necessary Thermostat changes help save on electricity bills, keep the indoor comfortable and make the appliances perform with their best efficiency, messing up with the Thermostat does exactly the opposite. Constant changes make the appliances to start and stop every now and then which not only disturb the indoor comfort but also affects the efficiency of the appliances. As a result, you feel discomfort despite having the most efficient appliances. So, never cross the limit and make only the changes that need to be made. Consult an HVAC professional to discover your Thermostat model better if you've a hard time getting along it.

Thermostats are your saving box. They provide a heaven of comfort and ease. Not only do they help keep the indoor temperature comfortable but also save you from the discomfort of turning the appliances off and on. But in order to make the most of your HVAC appliances, it is crucial to practice the right HVAC practices. We’ve just helped you discover some. Enjoy!

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