By now, you must be out of the confusion of choosing between a Whole-Home or a Portable Humidifier. But in case you are not, we are going to introduce you to factors that add a +,+ and + to the side of Whole-Home Humidifiers proving them to be a better to go choice. With no delay; let's begin!

  • Skin dryness? Forget about it, dude!
Portable Humidifiers produce less moisture compared with the high-efficiency whole-home Humidifier units and are, therefore, less effective at combating skin related problems caused by low humidity. Who looks good with a scratched nose, cracked lips and spotty arms? We want beauty man, beauty! Revive your all-time beautiful look, install a whole-home Humidifier!

  • Better immunity with a better Humidifier!
You got it right. If the link seems irrelevant, let's define it. There's a membrane in the body called the mucous membrane which is the natural defence system of the body against diseases, germs and viruses. This membrane, when deprived of necessary moisture, dries out and thus fails to provide that active shield against germs that it otherwise does, putting an individual at the risk of getting ill. And moreover, when there's low humidity, there are more germs and viruses that stay and stay longer in the air. Installing a whole-home Humidifier can cover these grounds of discomfort and unease.

  • Let cold and flu come but bridle it!
Did you know that cold (normal cold) can be a sign of healthy immune system? And the similar is true for flu that is overall good for your health. But as they say; things are good as long as they are in a limit. The natural course of cold and flu can go worse in the absence of sufficient humidity. This prolongs the sickness and makes it severe leading to serious health complications. In order to avoid prolonging sicknesses, installing a whole-home Humidifier works a great deal.

  • The much desirable; Pleasant Sleep
We all sleep but not all of us sleep a pleasant sleep. In Winters particularly, the sleep patterns of many people get disturbed because of the disturbance caused by low humidity levels as they sleep. And snoring? It gets just absolutely worst with dried out air. Whole-home Humidifiers as they produce moisture in excess in the air make the sleeping experience better by quieting the snoring ones, relieving the restless ones and making the overall indoor air comfortable.

  • Dermatitis or Eczema? Whole-Home Humidifier, please!
Like we just discussed, Whole-Home Humidifiers is a good to go choice generally for all homeowners but it is particularly good for people suffering from health problems that go worse in the dry air of Winter. For instance, people with Dermatitis and Eczema have to go through so much unease when they are exposed to dry air. If you have someone at home suffering from the above-mentioned or similar illnesses, Portable Humidifiers won't suffice for you; go for whole-home.

Competition in the HVAC industry is getting tougher. The market today is teamed with brands of different names that are launching their ever-new HVAC units. So there are a plethora of choices. But having too many choices is not always an ideal situation. In these ''too many to choose from'' choices, homeowners often end up making wrong decisions. To save you such mis-purchases, we recommend that HVAC professionals are consulted before finalising an appliance and in case that is not possible, at least make time to surf the internet in order to make sure your chosen unit doesn't have an unending list of negative customer reviews below it. Make wise purchases!

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