Never over-estimate the DIY shortcuts since they are not always synonymous with savings. Often times, it is the very DIY thing that becomes the primary reason for bringing home the hefty energy bills. Today, let us talk about the common HVAC mistakes that the homeowners make.

Hiding HVAC appliances
HVAC appliances are hardly appealing. In order to save the interior and exterior look that homeowners give to their homes with tireless efforts, they often hide appliances behind curtains, furniture etc in the indoors and behind plants or shrubs in the outdoors. And this is gruesome! The outdoor units when covered with greenery or other hiding elements fail to function properly as there's an absence of sufficient space around that is necessary for them to breathe. Similarly, when the indoor appliances are hidden behind curtains, sofas or other furniture, they too fail to function with the highest efficiency and this is especially true about the Thermostats that cannot sense proper temperature when not installed properly.

Thermostat DIY - A bad idea!
So we just talked about Thermostat above. When it comes to small appliances, homeowners think they can try anything on their own. This perception, however, is totally wrong. HVAC devices like the Thermostat require enough of technicalities and skills for their installation. When a DIY is performed, the very first mistake done is that a wrong placement is made. In addition to that, the control connections are not made properly. All of this leads to improper installation and an improper installation means; be ready for repairs, a rise in energy bills and improper cooling/heating.

Not giving two hoots to noises
Another gruesome error indeed! Homeowners do not take the HVAC noises seriously be they from the Furnace, Water Heater, Air Conditioner or any other appliance. The only time they are taken seriously is when they are either new or come under the warranty timeline. Other than that, the noises either keep making noises, are tried with a ''home remedy'' to remain quiet or ear plugs do the job. While on factual grounds, the noises could be a serious indication of something very wrong with your unit be it new or old. And such unusual noises if not given two hoots in time can lead to sudden appliance breakdown.

Odours like noises, say something
Just like unusual noises indicate towards something wrong going on, unusual odours serve the same purpose. They are given an equal unimportance and are treated with fragrance sprays that only resolve the problem temporarily and not permanently. Odours could be due to mould and spore growth in the ductwork or appliance units, odour from melting of viral connections, odour from fan motor etc. So take neither noises nor odour non seriously

Calling non pro for a pro's work     
Here's the biggest of mistakes; calling a non pro for the work that is meant to be performed by a pro. This leaves the appliance in an open danger and you could expect a break down just anytime. Savings that are apparently made in choosing a cheap service are compensated in frequent repairs in the coming years.

These mistakes when avoided elongate the lifetime of the HVAC appliances while also maintain an adorable indoor temperature as the appliances continue to perform with optimal efficiency.

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