Well well, so you thought that when we said; ''become a Smart Homeowners'', the next statement would be ''by installing Smart Home Appliances''? No, not really. Your guess was proven wrong. Today, we will talk about making your home a smart home and you a smart homeowner without the intervention of Smart (also expensive) appliances. Did you know that there are simple, in fact very simple ways that can help you maintain a desirable indoor environment by making only a limited use of the already installed appliances? Doing so will help you save on energy bills so that you can use those savings elsewhere. After all, you are going to be a smart homeowner.

First thing first - The basics

Of course, first thing first. Without managing the main loopholes, you can never get the expected results. With your home having air leaks, your appliances unmaintained and your home poor at insulation, no heating appliance can warm you as expected no matter what. So here's what you need to check first;

- Ensure there are no air leaks. Seal windows and doors properly and do not take even a tiny leak non seriously

- In case you are using the central heating system, make wise use of doors. Close the doors of the rooms you are using in order to keep the place fully warm and avoid heat loss

- It is not only risky in economic terms but also risky for health to make constant use of appliances. So better layer yourself with warm clothes when you can instead of turning up the thermostat

- Change your filter before starting using your Furnace and replace/clean the Filter every month when the Furnace is used constantly (in peek Winters)

- If you have any repairs to be made, fix them as soon as possible without any delay else your system will keep on taking surplus energy to operate

Some insights regarding heating systems

Now that we are done with some basic to do's there is something that we want you to learn about the heating system compatibility that varies according to varying situations and some other useful insights.

- If you are planning to purchase a Furnace system for your home, make sure to consult a professional in order to confirm the size of the system. Purchasing a small unit will fail to warm the home as per requirements while purchasing an overly large system will only cost you very high energy bills every month

- If you can't go for central heating for one reason or the other, consider purchasing a space heater but before you purchase, compare the efficiency of different units and the price of electricity and gas. Buy an electric space heater if that's what is cheaper for you in terms of fuel else go for gas. Generally, gas space heaters turn out to be an economical choice

- You don't necessarily have to have a Smart Thermostat in order to save big. You can save even with a simple programmable thermostat only if you make the right use of it so that it automatically turns off, on, up, down at the right timings. Learn about your device's features by reading the user manual carefully

-Dragging on with old units could be costly and replacing them the best choice for you. If your system has been worrying you, call a professional for inspection and consult regarding ''repair or replace''

- Fuel conversion is possible for Furnaces. If you purchase the system with oil as fuel type, you don't necessarily have to stick to it. You have the choice to change the fuel type without changing the entire system. Convert your fuel after estimating which fuel will turn out to be the most economical option

That's all for now. Make wise choices and follow wise practices to become a Smart Homeowner this Winter. It’s as easy as it sounds.

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