How often should I clean my Air Conditioner? 

As the cooling season arrives, you see promotions of Air Conditioner maintenance, clean up and tune up services everywhere. While you might only think that it is just the HVAC companies making their business, you should also think of how often it is important to get your system tuned and cleaned up. Usually, people don't give their systems any checkup or cleaning until they actually begin to experience compromised efficiency. It is a known fact that Air Conditioner, be it a Split Air Conditioner or Central Air Conditioner ceases to work properly even only if its filters are dirty. But when we say, cleaning, the cleaning of the entire unit is meant. So a very basic thing to understand is; Cleaning is important and you should perform the cleaning of the units thoroughly before the efficiency gets affected. Now the question is, how would you know the system should now be cleaned without the system giving any indications? Well, the formula is simple;

Everything that gets used needs maintenance and cleaning. And we know that the cooling system in your home runs more than any other electronic or electrical appliances; almost all the time. So professionals suggest, keeping this constant use in consideration that every system, be it a central air conditioning unit or a split, should be thoroughly cleaned annually, preferably at the beginning of the season in which they'll be used the most. And this is true for all; residential as well as industrial units with the exception of situations in which a system is installed at such a place where it gets overly dirty or gets used unusually more. In that particular case, the unit can be cleaned twice during the season.

Security risks associated with delaying cleaning

As said already, AC's are among the most used appliances. And since they are electrical units, delaying of necessary cleaning and maintenance can lead to security risks. For example, the dirty condenser coils, dirty fan or other components may result in a fire break out. Also, when cleaning is not performed, insects and animals set their homes in or around the units causing a threat of electrical wiring damage. And did you know, the urine of animals can actually corrode the very metal of the outdoor AC unit?
This necessitates that a thorough cleaning is performed to keep the unit a safe cooling unit.

Some precautions when cleaning

It is always preferred to seek professional help when performing annual cleaning of the Air Conditioner units but if you are already convinced by all the do it yourself tutorials, do it yourself but don't forget to follow precautions;
- Do not use random cleaning agents. Always purchase a proper cleaner that is made with the purpose to clean AC units or even if you use some dishwashing or laundry detergents, make sure they won't damage the unit.
- People prefer using a high-pressure pipe to clean units assuming this will take less time and the difficult rubbing won't be necessary. The truth is; by using very high-pressure pipes, you can end up with damaged coils or twisted fan fins.
Keep the pressure limited.
- After using any soapy thing for cleaning, do not forget to pour clean water to clean all the soapy stuff

Before the summer sun gets really hot, give your Air Conditioners a thorough cleaning in order to enjoy ultimate coolness in summers. 
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