The furnace is no less than a blessing in a season like winter and that too of Canada's when everything just freezes up. A lot of Canadian homeowners prefer to use Furnace as their primary home heating source in winter. Some other may prefer fireplace, heat pump or space heater but Furnace nonetheless remains the most widely used and the most favourite. However, when it comes to maintaining the appliance, there are very few people who are regular and concerned about performing in time maintenance of their Furnace unit. Even worse, a vast majority in addition to delaying maintenance keeps units in use even when they are in need of repairs realizing not that doing so is synonymous with calling upon serious dangers. This blog will highlight the dangers associated with using malfunctioning or unmaintained Furnace units.

- The scariest - Fire 

You do come across news mentioning house fires incidents throughout winters, don't you? And behind many of such incidents, there is a malfunctioning Furnace responsible. As the Furnace operates, it releases CO as a by-product. In normal cases, this by-product is designed to escape through the vents but an unmaintained unit can actually fail to expel the residual gas outside resulting in accumulation of the gas inside. Since CO is odourless and colourless, it is not possible to find it out even when it is there. And being highly flammable, only a slight fire is enough to turn your home into ashes.

- Silent death - CO 

As mentioned above, CO is poisonous and yet this poison cannot be suspected. Similar to the fire accidents, the next most common accident associated with Furnaces is the CO poisoning. This gas also called, "The Silent Killer can cause situations like extreme fatigue and loss of consciousness. In worst cases, death. While on one hand it is suggested to not use a malfunctioning Furnace, on the other hand, it is also important that a CO detector is installed in order to detect the CO presence well in time.

- Deteriorating IAQ 

Other than the above-mentioned consequencing of using a malfunctioning Furnace, one consequence is that of a bad IAQ. Even if your unit is not releasing CO, it is releasing dust and pollution whatsoever when not maintained. And the air that circulates in the entire home after passing through a dirty unit indubitably takes the pollution with it and spread it all around. Also, the dirty filters will result in the blockage of airflow burdening the system and once again, creating circumstances for a breakdown.

Moreover, a malfunctioning unit causes frequent repairs which results in unnecessary expenses and one problem gives way to another. So if you have been using a malfunctioning Furnace last winter, do not repeat the same mistake this time. Get the unit repaired by a certified professional and ensure that it is working properly. A properly working unit ensures safety as well as savings.

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