Should dust in an air duct be no cause of concern for you? A culprit behind the major IAQ problems is your clogged or dirty air duct. A leak or hole in air ducts can cause expensive and uncomfortable problems which neither of us likes to deal with.
Airborne contaminants, dirt particles or other microbes that fit into your ducts can be found in it. Although it's not always harmful yet some allergic reactions can get triggered due to leaky or dirty air ducts. If you witness any of the signs, you should roll up your sleeves right away.

The 5 disturbing things Canadians discover in their air ducts:

1.     The improper air ducts provide the easiest pathway to the critters. Leaky air ducts attract the mice while appealing to all those rodents who nest out in a moist insulated environment.
2.      It is certain that every animal who manages to get into air duct will leave droppings – very dangerous contaminants. Moreover, the furry animals will leave their danders, if they somehow expire in the air duct, the smell and contamination can spread throughout the home.
3.      Dust in air duct is no cause of concern but excessive debris is surely problematic. Most of the people forget to switch off the Furnace while renovating home. That results in accumulation of drywall dust, construction debris and saw debris ultimately reducing the flow inside the air ducts.
4.      Bacteria are everywhere and the ducts are no exception. Sometimes bacteria are not harmful, yet some viruses and bacteria can still trigger cold and flu in winter seasons. Therefore, cleaning air duct is essential to make it germ-free.
5.      The spots of mould can appear anywhere in air registers, return ducts, and on other parts of the HVAC system. The brown or grey fungus can set off spores that spread throughout the home.

The obvious signs that indicate your air ducts need cleaning:

If you witness signs of people in your home getting allergic attack whenever you turn the AC/Furnace on or notice the dust puffs lingering around the vents, be alert!  This and the below-mentioned signs are clear indications of your air duct needing cleaning.  

·         Reduced or uneven air flow is the first sign. To avoid the issue make sure to check it every month and ensure vents are opened while inspecting the air flow.
·         Sometimes whistling or beep sounds come out of your vents - an obvious sign that air ducts are filled with excessive dust or other contaminants.
·         People who do not clean air ducts for years. Also, a recently renovated place may see a blast of dust whenever the heating and cooling system is turned on. It is a telltale sign that you should avail the services of professionals on an immediate basis.
·         The respiratory problems like feeling mentally foggy, fatigue, coughing or sneezing are signs that you are battling against some allergens. To cope up with such situations, you should immediately hire a professional to stop the problem before it gets worse. 

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