The time to think about summers and how will you be cooling your indoor during summers is not in summers at all. These are the things you should be done with well within Spring. And that is because, during summers, the technicians have loads of work. And during that peak season, if you rush out to make a purchase, get an installation tech or find a service for maintenance and repair, it is most probable that you wouldn't find things as easy as they might have been during the spring. So, let's come to the point now; to find out whether or not your system needs a repair/upgrade, the time is now.

Before we talk about identifying system issues, the question is that, should homeowners inspect the system themselves or call a professional technician for this? The answer is; it is better to schedule a session with a professional in order to get a precision tune-up and have the components inspected but there are signs that can help homeowners find out whether or not the system is working properly. These problems indicated by the signs may not always allow the homeowner to resolve by themselves but the one benefit of recognising the signs is that they are identified in the first place and action can be taken in time.

Signs that your Central Air Conditioning Unit needs repair

Warm Air 

Warm Air is one big sign. The Air Conditioner is supposed to spill cool air towards you. When the air from the supply registers is warm to feel, know that the system needs help. It could be a leaking refrigerant, a fault in the compressor or dirty coils. Note that warm air supply instantly after running the AC is normal. But if the air remains warm even after running the system for a few hours, there's a problem!

 Low Airflow

A compromised airflow is another indication of the Air Conditioner needing repair. This could be because of filthy filters or fault in the blower fan. Try replacing/cleaning the filters. If the problem persists, there's a need to call for professional help. You might consider checking the ductwork. As one of the reasons for a compromised airflow is often leaking ductwork.

Unusual noises 

You know well what the usual noises are. Every homeowner can identify them after using the Air Conditioner for a few months. So anything other than the usual noises is the unusual noises. This could be a banging, rattling, hissing or any other sound. If the noise comes from near the registers, the reason could be an accidentally fallen object stuck there. If the noise comes from the main unit, you'd have to call a professional.

Rising energy bills 

A rise in energy bills is not always an indication of high usage. You could be using the Air Conditioner with the same patterns and still receiving high bills. This signifies that the system is pushing hard and running more to cool the indoor because of its reduced efficiency or damaged/unmaintained parts. 

This summer, before you start using your system, make sure to try a test run and see if it shows the above-mentioned signs. If it does, don't delay the repair.

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