A sudden shutting off of an Air Conditioner in the middle of summer can lead to a whole lot of discomfort provided that summer is the season when an HVAC specialist is also not easily available and any serious issue means a long wait for quotes and visit from the technician. The frozen evaporator coil is one common issue that takes place in summers and most homeowners, even though they can solve it, don't know how to do it. Although we highly endorse seeking professional help but truth be told, professional help is not always needed and also there is time when you can't wait for professional help to come. So the best way is to learn some DIY techniques.

Here you go! If the evaporator coil is found covered with ice, here are the steps which you are supposed to perform.

1. First thing first, Turn Off!

The first thing to do is to shut the system off and that too completely. Turn the AC off from the Thermostat. Doing so is important for the next steps and it also ensures that further damage does not take place.

2. Thaw the ice with the system's fan

The next step to follow is to run the "fan-only" mode and let the fan run for some time. It will take air through the evaporator coil and the air will help thaw the ice build-up.

3. Check the blower for debris

The blower fails to push warm air towards the coil if it is filled with dust and debris. The third step, therefore, is to check if the blower is clean. Blowers are a little complex and need to be cleaned by professionals but as said earlier, you may fail to find urgent help so DIY would be the only option. In order to ensure no blunder is made, thoroughly watch some youtube tutorials on how to DIY clean the blower. Follow as directed and you are good to go. 

4. Check for dirty filters

The coil freezes are a result of insufficient airflow. And one of the factors that impact airflow is the dirty filters. Check the filters and clean or replace them to resume proper airflow.

5. Take a test drive

The system was turned off, the fan was run and the blower and filters were cleaned. Now is the time to try a test drive. Analyze if all the ice has melted away and the system is back to normal. Most probably, the problem would have been solved by now. Congratulations!

It was as easy a fix as this. However, please note that the freezing of the evaporator coil frequently is not normal. If the coil freezes every other day, it indicates the need to schedule a professional technician visit.

Please note that thawing can take several hours. Sometimes a complete melting may take 24 hours. Therefore, avoid being hasty. Run the system's "fan-only" mode for some time and then let the ice melt on its own. Meanwhile, you can try some quick to make juices to keep your nerves cool.

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