repair VS replacement of Air Conditioner

Purchasing HVAC appliances is not an easy decision especially the bigger ones like Furnace, Air Conditioner and Heat Pump. It takes bucks to spend and it is only after that, that you can bring a new unit home. With the thought to hefty investments, homeowners often wonder if they should rather repair the unit and not replace it. While this decision may be correct at some times, it is not so always. And the reason is; dragging a faulty unit that keeps on seeking frequent repairs only makes bad impacts on your budget. This is why some honest HVAC professionals sometimes endorse replacement over repair emphasizing the cost-saving that this offers in the long run. Below we discuss when replacement of your system is better than having it repaired but before that check out this formula.

Professionals say; in order to calculate whether to go for repair or not, make the multiplication this way; the age of Air Conditioner * First-time repair fee. If the sum exceeds $5000, try no more repairs on the same system and rather replace it. Otherwise, you are good to go to call a repair tech.

5 factors to decide for an Air Conditioner Replacement

How many years?

Sow what is the age of your unit? Units which are over ten years start to cause frequent repairs and also have lost significantly on efficiency. So if your system has crossed 10 years and a serious repair need has recently arisen, choose replacement!

Look out for noise and dust

Systems older than 10 years become noisier and dustier. With time, you must want to increase your comfort level and not decrease it. So instead of compromising with noise, debris and still very little comfort, make some good money out and get a quote for a quieter and comforting unit.

Check for consistency

An inconsistent unit means it is not doing enough to dehumidify the space and as a result causing the production of mold and mildew. If this is the case with you, and the Air Conditioner, in addition to being old, noisy and costly is also not doing enough to dehumidify, consider a replacement to an upgraded model.

Leaky Freon?

Getting a fix for a leaky Freon and its refilling costs at least $500 including labor cost and this may become more expensive depending on the cost of Freon. So with such a scenario, instead of having a refill and leak fix, after which, the system will still remain that old system, consider an in-time replacement.

Bloating Bills

HVAC systems as they get older, start to cause a rise in energy bills and the graph only raises with time. So if the system is old, noisy, inconsistent, leaky and after all that, causing hike in monthly energy bills, any wise would replace instead of repairing.

So what are your plan? Are you using a decade-old Air Conditioning system and are still confused between repair and replacement? Try out that calculation formula given above, consider the factors mentioned here and there you go; the best decision has been taken.

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